The Process is summarised as follows

Training and Selection Process

 1. Survey Phase July 2017 This is aimed at finding out what are the diverse issues on the student leadership ranging from leadership terms, administration issues, university student councils’ uniqueness etc. This is to help us refine the process better for more relevance.
 2. Nomination Criteria


October 2017 The team will then compile the survey report and settle on relevant nomination criteria that will give us the best student leaders from both public and private Kenyan Universities.
 3. Nomination and Application Invitation


November-December 2017 The call for nomination will be sent out and deadline to be 15th December 2017. This will be done through social medial platforms, emails, word of mouth and if necessary phone calls.
 4. Selection Process


January 2018 This will be done in two weeks to settle on those who shall have made proper applications/nominations. Those who go through this stage will proceed to the next step. We’ll target to select 50 student leaders.
 5. Communication to Selected Participants on Trainings and Awards Journey. 15thJanuary 2018 The communication to the selected Student leaders will be done by AYLF on next steps and what is expected of the student leaders. This is expected to take a period of two weeks.
 6. Phase 1 Training


9th – 11th February 2018 This will be conducted at Jumuia Conference and Country Home by AYLF Facilitators and Trainers. It will be the Module One of the Awards Training Curriculum.
 7. Phase 2 Training and Stage One Interviews


23rd – 25th  March 2018 This will be done at the Oasis camp in Naivasha.

There are three aims of the camping session

  1. Deliver Module two of the Awards Training curriculum by the AYLF Facilitators and Trainers.
  2. One on One Interviews with the nominees on their leadership at their respective institutions. This panel of judges will be majorly composed of a select team of Former Student Leaders. It will receive the reports from the AYLF team. They will go through the reports and interview students based on what they had indicated in their leadership assessment report.
  3. Through a number of outdoor activities, we’ll assess their leadership behavior when given various tasks to test this. This will comprise 10% of the evaluation process.

The interviewers will submit their reports to the organizing team

 8. Field survey


 April to May 2018 This will be done by the AYLF team. It will entail going to the ground to verify the reports by the students. This will necessitate talking to the project stakeholders, university administration and the beneficiaries. They will compile reports for the next step.

A comprehensive report of the findings of this survey will be prepared and attached to the reports from the interview. This will be key for the next step.

 9. Final Panel of Judges


5th May 2018 This panel will be composed of a select team of our senior friends drawn from different sectors. They will be tasked to filter through and come up with the final winners for the Award categories. The student leaders might be called upon to defend their projects if the panel so wishes to.

The panel will select the best five exemplary student leaders to be awarded during the National Conversations dinner

 10. Awards Gala


23rd May 2018 This will be the culmination of the journey. The winners will be awarded during the National Conversations Dinner.



The above forms our 2017-2018 circle of the Awards Journey.