Africa Youth Leadership Forum is a movement of young leaders drawn from African countries with a dream of nurturing a new breed of African leaders to exemplify leadership qualities, values and principles of Jesus.

AYLF is a collaborative initiative by a group of friends in Africa.

We recognize that the principles and leadership example of Jesus of Nazareth provide a model that aspiring leaders from all nations and creeds can emulate. Central to His message is reconciliation and personal integrity through transformed minds and hearts – issues of critical importance in Africa today.



At the heart of AYLF is the dream that African leaders will know how to reconcile relationships, speak the truth without being religious or divisive, see people without labels or stereotypes – loving each other and those they lead – while serving with integrity.


Mission Statement

To be a movement of friends and nurture a new breed of African leaders, based on the leadership qualities, values, and principles of Jesus of Nazareth. Examples of that kind of leadership would be the likes of Julius Nyerere, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai, Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce, Mother Theresa, Lord Shaftesbury, Abraham Lincoln, Anwar Sadat and others of their kind.

The Core of the AYLF Vision is “a new breed of leaders” – with largely 2 main aspects:
1. Leaders who can work across the lines of all that is creating division and alienation in our nations.
2. Leaders who are value based. Women of virtue and Men of Integrity – who can be the ‘salt and light’ in their generation



The work is done simply in the name of Jesus under the auspices of a national leadership drawn from business, industry, politics, academia, and religion. It’s not done under the name of any particular organisation or religious group.
The work relates to all people regardless of their religious affiliation – Christian, Muslim and others.
The work is anchored in the Values, Principles, Precepts and the Person of Jesus.
The work flows out of and is based on long term com- mitted relationships among those involved.


Affiliation to National Prayer Breakfast Movement

The purpose of the Breakfast is to give our nations that spiritual strength which is available to those who will but ask for it; to renew and strengthen those bonds of brotherhood with faithfuls across our continent and around the world; and to give us the opportunity to ask God’s guidance as well as express our gratitude for that which He has given us.

People of all nations, creeds and political views recognize Jesus’s transcendent universal message to a divided world. Central to His message is reconciliation through transformed hearts and minds.

AYLF operates under the auspices of national leaders who are part of this National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast network. Today in many nations Prayer Breakfast Fellowship groups composed of people in leadership and at all levels of society are gathering regularly to pray for the world, their nations and each other in the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth.

“Trust is the natural result of thousands of tiny actions, words, thoughts and intentions. It doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen all at once. Gaining trust is work. Knowing that you need it isn’t enough. You and I have to do the little things on a daily basis to earn it.”
~ David Horsager, from “The Trust Edge”