Awarding Exemplary University Student Leaders

Unlock the Leader within you

USLA offers the best Trainings that help unlock the unexploited potential whilst helping you connect with other leaders Nationally.

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Become the Best

We award the best Student leaders in the country for showing Exemplary Leadership, service, and above all Commitment.

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Put a footprint on "Our Hall of Fame."

You mark the Student Leaders' Hall of Fame. We also keep tabs on all the student leaders we work with! Check the past years student leaders.

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Below is the Eligibility Criteria for Applicants-:

To be eligible for this programme, you MUST :

1. Must be an elected student leader in the student council year 2018/2019.
2. Have established a project/initiative that is evident, sustainable and has had an impact on the university community.
3. Be of high moral standards i.e Integrity in leadership.
4. Have demonstrated courage, resilience, tolerance in pursuit of a better outcome for the community.
5. Must have demonstrated outstanding leadership with external partners, strengthening the university’s external engagement and contribution to society.